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Froggie UWP game now available on Windows Store

Froggie game is now available to download from Windows Store. This app is available for both Windows 10 and Windows 10 mobile. The game is already enjoys good rating and reviews. The Graphics seems also good and best part of is that it is FREE!!! Froggie game Description: Overcome all dangers and find

Game Troopers releases UWP “iO the Game” to Windows Store. Trailer

Game Troopers has released a Physics Transformer game called "iO the Game" to Windows Store. This UWP game is paid one and is available for both PC and Mobile devices. iO the game features: iO is an abstract physics platformer. As a player you control a ball in several puzzling settings where

Microsoft launches Windows SDK for Google Analytics for Mobile app tracking

Google Analytics

Microsoft is launching a Windows SDK for Google Analytics. This SDK will provide an easy way for Windows 10 developers track user sessions, screen views, events, crashes, social interactions and promotional campaigns on their Windows 10 apps submitted under their Windows Dev Center account. The SDK uses Google's measurement protocol to