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Shark Dash! By Gameloft , Chaos Control, Reading Trainer And More in Red Stripe Deals for Windows 8.1

  Red Stripe  Deals this week for Windows 8.1 bring   for  Shark Dash! By Gameloft   $0.99,  Chaos Control for $3.99,  Reading Trainer for $1.49. Check below for all the apps / games links and other Red Stripe Deals for Windows 8.1 .   Shark Dash! By Gameloft  ($0.99) Chaos Control ($3.99) Reading Trainer ($1.49) Machinarium ($ 0.99) Princess Isabella: A Witch's Curse

Star Wars: Commander Game For Windows store Updated With New Content And Improved Performance.

Star Wars: Commander Game has received a new update for Windows Store. The update brings new content and improved performance . Changelog: Check out these new features: • Chapter 10 now available! Entice Senator Johhar Kessen to join your faction! • Beware of Death Troopers! Dandoran will get a little spooky in Campaign #3:

Security update KB3018943 available for Windows 10 Internet explorer

A new security update KB3018943 is now available for Windows 10 Tech Preview running devices. The update seems to bring fix for Internet Explorer Flash player vulnerability as per the details provided by Microsoft. The update is 8.5 MB in size and you need to restart your device after applying the

Build 9879 available for Slow ring insiders now. Fast ring makes only 10% of Slow ring insiders

Good news for Slow Ring insiders or for those, who have just left the "update frequency" to default (which is slow ring again). Build 9879, which bring plethora of changes and new features with itself is now available for your devices. In case, you want to read about all the

Update KB3019269 now live for Windows 10 Tech preview. Fixes 0xAB bluescreen issue.

Quick heads-up!! November update KB3019269 is now available for Windows 10 technical preview running devices. The support page for this update in not available yet, but it is one of those hotfix updates, supposedly coming with / before Build 9879 for slow ring insiders. The hotfix update should fix 0xAB bluescreen issue

Dragon’s Lair, CleverToDo, Caillou House of Puzzles And More in Red Stripe Deals for Windows 8.1.

        Red Stripe  Deals this week for Windows 8.1 bring  Dragon’s Lair for $4.99, CleverToDo for $1.99, Caillou House of Puzzles  for $3.49. Check below for all the apps / games links and other Red Stripe Deals for Windows 8.1 . Dragon’s Lair  ($4.99) CleverToDo ( $1.99) Caillou House of Puzzles  ($3.49) Nightmares from the Deep: The Siren`s Call ($3.49) Odysseus:

Official Call of Duty®: Heroes is now available for Windows 8.1

 Official Call of Duty®: Heroes game is now available for Windows 8.1. This is the 3D combat strategy game from Call of Duty®: Heroes. You can Customize your base and train elite forces to dominate your enemies in fierce battles featuring fully controllable heroes and epic Killstreaks, like the first-person chopper gunner.  Features: Take

Official WolframAlpha app is now available for Windows 8.1

Official WolframAlpha app is  now available for Windows Store .WolframAlpha uses its vast collection of algorithms and data to compute answers and generate reports . Description and Features: MATHEMATICS Elementary Math Numbers Plotting Algebra Matrices Calculus Geometry Trigonometry Discrete Math Number Theory Applied Math Logic Functions STATISTICS & DATA ANALYSIS Descriptive Statistics Regression Statistical Distributions Probability PHYSICS Mechanics Electricity & Magnetism Optics Thermodynamics Relativity Nuclear Physics Quantum Physics Particle Physics Statistical Physics Astrophysics CHEMISTRY Elements Compounds Ions Solutions Reactions Chemical Thermodynamics MATERIALS Alloys Minerals Crystallography Plastics Woods ENGINEERING Acoustics Aeronautics Electric Circuits Fluid Mechanics Steam Tables Psychrometrics Refrigeration ASTRONOMY Star Charts Astronomical Events Planets Moons Space Weather Stars Pulsars Galaxies Star Clusters Nebulae Astrophysics EARTH SCIENCE Geology Geochronology Geodesy Earthquakes Tide