Xbox 360

You won’t dare to miss it! Xbox 360 games sale is on and there are many wonderful games available on discounts. This games sale will go on for a week. Though, some of the titles will be on discount for one day daily, only to be replaced by next set of game titles next day. We are now in day 7 (last day).

Day 6 specific deals:

Saints Row IVGames on Demand50%
Metro: Last LightGames on Demand50%
Tropico 4Games on Demand67%
Adventure Time: Explore the DungeonGames on Demand50%
OblivionGames on Demand75%
Overlord IIGames on Demand67%
Puzzle Quest 2Arcade80%
Rock of AgesArcade80%


Deals valid through the week:

Some of the game titles will be on discount till 25th February.

Portal 2Games on Demand67%
Mass EffectGames on Demand75%
Asura’s WrathGames on Demand81%
DiRT 3Games on Demand80%
Driver San FranciscoGames on Demand67%
Fable III Games on Demand50%
Batman: Arkham City Games on Demand75%
Motocross MadnessArcade80%
Alan Wake’s American NightmareArcade70%
Guardians of Middle EarthArcade93%
Dungeons and Dragons DaggerdaleArcade80%
Rock Band BlitzArcade73%
Dust: An Elysian TailArcade80%

You would like to visit WinCentral, when next batch of discounted game titles are announced tomorrow. Stay tuned!