My Lumia 1320 has seen many apps & games updates since yesterday. So, time to bring a quick roundup of these updates. You can directly install these apps by clicking the direct links provided in the article.

In the above screenshot you can see Nokia Storyteller, Access point and Hot Rod racers getting updated. While Nokia Storyteller and Hot Rod Racers updates are scarce on details, we can see operator settings updates and robustness improvements for Access point.

Nokia Storyteller

Hot Rod Racers

Access point updates2Facebook Beta and Star Wars: Tiny death stars have also seen updates. While Facebook Beta update looks minor bug fixes kind of update, Tiny Death star has gone for an overhaul and is more awesome than ever.

The Empire has deployed an update to make your Death Star fully operational:

· IMPERIAL ASSIGNMENTS OVERHAUL: The Emperor has demanded more assignments to be completed, so Lord Vader has revamped the system and hired new Supply Officers. Assignments level now supports up to 3 holo-projected assignment givers. Imperial levels can assemble multiple resources on their own and by pairing with additional levels. As a reward for your service to the Empire, Assignments now provide additional rewards such as VIPs, Imperial Bux, Costumes, Levels and Characters!

· SPECIAL EVENTS: Check back often, and participate in special, limited-time events to protect your battle station. Earn brand new rewards for your valiant efforts!

· CARGO BAY FLOOR: All non-currency rewards are now shipped to your Death Star via the Cargo Bay. It’s the one stop shop to pick up your earnings from Imperial Assignments, Special Events and more.

Facebook Beta

Star Wars: Tiny death stars

updates 3

Last but certainly not the least, two major apps 6tag and 6snap have seen updates. As can be seen in the above screenshot, 6tag update brings fix to picture upload problems, while 6tag update brings following changes,

– change brush size!

– keep in memory your groups even after a log off/sign in (local)