universal app

Microsoft has talked about consolidating Windows and Windows Phone store apps pricing at BUILD 2014, in order to harmonize the stores to support “Universal apps” introduction. This consolidation has no gone live with help of following changes,

1) Simplify app pricing for developers by providing a single set of price tiers across Windows and Windows Phone, necessary to support universal Windows apps

2) Increase developer opportunity by adding $0.99 and $1.29 (USD) price points for Windows; apps priced in this range represent 55% of Windows Phone paid transactions today

If you ask us, these changes really push the Windows eco-system towards a much fulfilling user experience, with one app for all Windows devices. Combined with better pricing for apps this will certainly provide boost to purchase of apps, which in turn will benefit entire eco-system. Good going there, Microsoft!!

Thanks Noko for the tip. Cheers!