Google Assistant will make its debut on Xbox One besides Amazon’s Alexa. We have heard a lot of things regarding the Alexa-Cortana integration lately. Both Amazon and Microsoft gave us some details at MS build this year. Windows Central have found some of the shreds of evidence which claim the Google Assistance support on Xbox One besides Alexa.

According to Windows Central, the future Xbox builds will have a dedicated menu named Enable digital assistants in which consumers will have the luxury to play with all the major Digital Assistants available in the market. They will be of a great use in controlling your Xbox One console with voice. There is a strong chance that Microsoft will talk this about at E3 which is the Company’s single big gaming event.

Microsoft’s bold proposition in surfacing the Competitors’ Digital Assistants scaffolding of Windows 10 or Xbox One might sound very promising for an end user but it actually can be fatal to Microsoft’s very own Cortana. The company was slow with the Halo girl in this world of burgeoning AI and cloud computing. Which results in Cortana being in a distant third position when it comes to consumer-friendly features and Mindshare. Although It outshines each and every competitor in the productivity space, it simply lags behind Google and Amazon in home space.

We have not heard anything from Microsoft as of yet. Until then we will have to wait till E3 for Microsoft to clear the air.