Kantar WorldPanel’s report for 3 months ending January 2014 is out and here are some of the important points,

  • Windows Phone keeps it steady in EU5 countries with 10% sales share though YoY it represents a change of 3.9%
  • In Italy it is at 17% sale share and a 5.6% lead over iOS
  • In US it is slightly up from month of December at 5%, but still the ROI doesn’t look good
  • One noteworthy point is decline of iOS in terms of sales share and that reflects nearly everywhere. It is no surprise given the fact that most of the iOS fans finish their upgrade within 2-3 months of launch of new iPhone and the trend of decline was evident in even those 3 months post launch of iPhone 5S and 5C.
  • Spain has really seen good growth lately and Windows Phone is at 5.3% sales share there, which is 4.3% more YoY.

Seems, while emerging markets like India and European markets have really warmed up to Windows Phone, some markets like China and USA are proving to be tough nuts to crack for Nokia and Microsoft. Perhaps, Microsoft will be wise to shift some more of its focus outside US market and target those markets which are proving to be more receptive of 3rd platform. This doesn’t mean they don’t need to ignore USA and China though. May be a brainstorming session followed by some strategical shift is needed for these markets.

Via: PhoneArena