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This Surface Phone/Mobile concept is dope with a truly foldable display

We have been reporting many Surface Phone/Mobile/Note concepts and each of them brings something unique and different from others. But not all concepts both appeal and also represent the rumored/leaked design and OS tidbits effectively at the same time. The concept that we are posting today is not only appealing but also

This Surface Note concept has foldable Surface Phone with note taking & pen in focus

Time to have a look at this Surface Note concept that has become more relevant with Microsoft reportedly working on a foldable Mobile form-factor. We reported about some features/specs/UI design details about Surface Phone/Mobile exclusively. We also shared about how the Surface Mobile will be different from the earlier leaked

Watch this interesting One Windows for All devices concept with redesigned UI (Project Neon)

We have been posting many Windows 10 Mobile concepts in past and some of them were really very cool. Nowadays we hear more about convergence of all forms of Windows to "OneCore" both officially and via rumors. This may be possible via a composable shell and MobileCore (Andromeda). Here is

New Windows 10 Mobile concept has redesigned UI with elements from Project Neon

The debate over "Whether Windows 10 Mobile is dead" won't be settled until the time when Build numbers for Redstone 3 are aligned across PC and Mobile. But that doesn't stop Windows 10 Mobile fans in re-imagining their favorite OS with new design elements and features. Here we are talking about