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Windows 10 Mobile is not dead. Surface Phone development is still on.

Every change that Microsoft does in regards to Windows 10 Mobile is so hazy and unpopular that it is pretty easy to assume they will likely kill the platform the very next moment. So, again we hear the chorus of "Windows Phone is dead" or "Windows 10 Mobile is dead"

Windows 10 Mobile Edition gets XGA & WSVGA resolution support with Creators Update

Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft has updated the "Minimum Hardware Requirements" Documentation with changes brought by Windows 10 Version 1703 aka Creators Update. There are not many changes to talk about when it comes to Mobile and Desktop. There is no mention yet of Snapdragon 835 support for either Windows 10 or Windows 10

Windows 10 Mobile X86 & ARM64 architectures coming in future, reveals official Documentation

Microsoft and Qualcomm earlier announced Windows 10 on ARM and that Snapdragon 835 is the first Snapdragon processor to support full Windows 10. While this opened lots of possibilities in terms of Cellular Windows 10 PCs and legacy Win32 apps coming to ARM, we didn't hear much about Windows 10

Surface Pro 5 name & image shows up in two places. Neon also finds a mention

Surface Pro 5, the successor to Surface Pro 4 has been part of many rumors already. There is very strong possibility that Microsoft will launch it along with Windows 10 Creators update somewhere in March-April. You can read our Surface Pro 5 rumor round up by clicking here. Now, almost confirming