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Updated: Exclusive top Surface Phone/Mobile features, UI design & size specs

Microsoft is indeed working on a mythical Surface Mobile or Surface Phone with Foldable design and Andromeda OS. While we reported about it exclusively in past, many other sites have also confirmed this via from their sources. So, we tried to put a list of features that Surface Mobile device may

How Surface Phone/Mobile would differ from Microsoft Courier concept

Microsoft Courier is one legendary official Microsoft concept that never saw the light of the day but has been intriguing fan's imagination since long. This foldable device was leaked a long time back in a video that you can see below. Recently this courier concept has resurfaced in several articles in

Floating display patent key to Surface Phone’s holographic display?

We just heard the rumor claiming that Microsoft may bring holographic display on Surface Phone aka Surface Mobile. The source behind this claim has however not revealed much about what to expect from this holographic display. "It seems it will be able to project holograms" is the only information provided. Now,

Windows 10 Mobile is dead, Windows 10 for Mobile (Andromeda) alive

Microsoft finally made it clear that "Windows 10 Mobile as we know it" is dead or as one can mildly put it terminally ill and on ventilator(Bug fixes & improvements) support. But not all hope is lost if you are a hard-core Microsoft fan. In fact, one can notice that we

Exclusive: 2018 may see Surface Mobile (Surface Phone) & Windows mobile devices from top vendors too

Last few months have been full of gloom and doom for Windows Mobile fans and for also those Microsoft fans, who want Microsoft to do something significant in the field of mobile. While things may not change dramatically in short-run, fans may have something to cheer for in second half

Microsoft still hiring for Windows Mobile platform. Mentions “consumers” as one of the target segments

While Microsoft may have already subjected Windows 10 Mobile as we know it to a slow death, it is still betting on Windows Mobile platform, reveals a new job requirement posted on LinkedIn. The job requirement is for a "Senior technical Program Manager" to drive the design and delivery of

Windows 10 Redstone 4 is Version 1803 followed by Version 1809, reveals official documentation

With Microsoft clarifying that with Windows 10 as Service we will see a new feature update every six month, it has become easy to guess version number for upcoming Windows 10 major updates. We know that upcoming Fall Creators update aka Redstone 3 will be knows as Windows 10 Version

Microsoft working on “Reduced Bezel Display” for Mobile devices

A recent patent from Microsoft may give an insight into how it is planning to design its future Mobile devices. We have seen many smartphone makers coming with smartphones without bezels or minimum bezels. This design language is fondly known as Bezel-less design. Microsoft is also working to reduce bezels on

Windows 10 PC & Mobile to get new Keyboard with SwiftKey & Word Flow Tech integration

We last reported about hints of Composable Shell with SwiftKey text input appearing in the accidentally leaked Windows 10 Build 16212. Composable Shell is responsible for making Windows 10 adaptable to small mobile displays. Microsoft announced the acquisition of SwiftKey in year 2016. One of the major purposes stated in this

Latest Microsoft Hinged Device patent may reveal design of the “ultimate mobile device”

We heard it from none other than the Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella himself that Microsoft is looking beyond ordinary smartphones available today and that a new Mobile form-factor is under testing. A new patent may give a clue to what Microsoft may be planning to pursue as a new mobile

Windows 10 Mobile is not dead. Surface Phone development is still on.

Every change that Microsoft does in regards to Windows 10 Mobile is so hazy and unpopular that it is pretty easy to assume they will likely kill the platform the very next moment. So, again we hear the chorus of "Windows Phone is dead" or "Windows 10 Mobile is dead"

Windows 10 Mobile Edition gets XGA & WSVGA resolution support with Creators Update

Windows 10 Mobile

Microsoft has updated the "Minimum Hardware Requirements" Documentation with changes brought by Windows 10 Version 1703 aka Creators Update. There are not many changes to talk about when it comes to Mobile and Desktop. There is no mention yet of Snapdragon 835 support for either Windows 10 or Windows 10