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Windows 10 Word Flow + SwiftKey Keyboard leaks in a sneak peak video

Windows 10 will get a new keyboard that will pack shape-writing feature of Microsoft's Word Flow Technology and prediction Engine from SwiftKey, we had reported earlier. Since Microsoft is looking forward to bring full Windows 10 via CShell to Mobile too, this keyboard will become the standard for both Windows

Windows 10 Andromeda Platform will power the upcoming Surface Mobile devices

Andromeda, Composable Shell and Windows 10 on ARM have been the most popular 2017 buzzwords doing rounds in Microsoft and Windows Tech circles. Now, with leaks coming thick and fast the idea around Microsoft's upcoming Mobile hardware and the software powering it has starting taking shape. Andromeda Platform: Andromeda platform may be

Surface Mobile devices “Surface Peking & Surface Slavonia” with features leak in Official Video description in China

In what seems to be yet another accidental leak this time in China, Microsoft Bilibili account uploaded a test video, titled "1706 Engineering Equipment". Not only the title but even the description reveals bits about what Microsoft may have been developing as its "ultimate mobile device". And the description claims

Microsoft Edge in Windows 10 Build 16212 can be reset & repaired, Network gets a new look

Windows 10 Build 16212 is proving to be a significant build in terms of new features/code changes that it packs. You can read our coverage of Windows 10 Build 16212 by clicking here. Now there are more changes reported by those who were able to install this accidentally released build. One

Windows 10 CShell Mobile UI leaked in a video. Brings Landscape Home Screen, New Action Center, Live Tile size & features

We have earlier reported about Windows 10 Composable Shell aka CShell that will make Windows 10 adaptive to all form-factors including Mobile. Now, images and video of Windows 10 CShell Mobile UI has leaked in images and video. The video demos how the CShell Mobile UI and experience is almost

Three new Windows 10 SKUs revealed in the Build 16212 code

The accidentally released Windows 10 Build 16212 belongs to the "rs_edge_case" branch, different from the rs_prerelease, the default branch for insider preview builds. We have already seen few new features getting revealed by those exploring the code of Build 16212. Now, Build 16212 code reveals Three new and upcoming Windows SKUs.

Windows 10 PC & Mobile to get new Keyboard with SwiftKey & Word Flow Tech integration

We last reported about hints of Composable Shell with SwiftKey text input appearing in the accidentally leaked Windows 10 Build 16212. Composable Shell is responsible for making Windows 10 adaptable to small mobile displays. Microsoft announced the acquisition of SwiftKey in year 2016. One of the major purposes stated in this

Windows 10 Mobile RS3 to drop Silverlight apps (old Windows Phone apps) support

The incidental leak of Windows 10 Mobile Build 16212 gave some hope to fans that Microsoft is indeed working on Redstone 3 builds for Mobile parallelly. Now, while we have heard from horse's mouth that some enterprise-focused new Mobile features are in works, it seems that there may be less

Windows 10 Build 16212 has CShell with SwiftKey input & new Control Center

While inadvertently released Windows 10 Build 16212 caused havoc on Mobiles, it got installed on insider PCs in a relatively calm manner. Since it is a build from a separate branch "rs_edge_case", it was expected to bring some tidbits unavailable on current insider branch "rs_prerelease". It, however, was found to

Report: Microsoft working on a Mobile device running new Windows Mobile OS

A new report confirms what we reported some time ago about Microsoft still working on the mythical Surface Phone. The report cites unnamed internal Microsoft sources. It claims that Microsoft is working on a new mobile hardware that will run a different Windows Mobile version from a separate branch. This unknown