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How Surface Phone/Mobile would differ from Microsoft Courier concept

Microsoft Courier is one legendary official Microsoft concept that never saw the light of the day but has been intriguing fan's imagination since long. This foldable device was leaked a long time back in a video that you can see below. Recently this courier concept has resurfaced in several articles in

Floating display patent key to Surface Phone’s holographic display?

We just heard the rumor claiming that Microsoft may bring holographic display on Surface Phone aka Surface Mobile. The source behind this claim has however not revealed much about what to expect from this holographic display. "It seems it will be able to project holograms" is the only information provided. Now,

Surface Phone aka foldable Surface Mobile to feature holographic display, claims new rumor

We have been reporting about the mythical Surface Phone aka foldable Surface Mobile device in our coverage. It is much clear that whatever name Microsoft ends up calling this foldable mobile device, for fans it will still be the "Surface Phone" they have been waiting for. A new report claims that this

Andromeda.exe & CShell for Surface Phone/Mobile in Redstone 4 code already

Microsoft's Surface Phone or rather Surface Mobile device will be powered by a new Windows 10 for Mobile OS codenamed “Andromeda”. This Andromeda will be Windows 10 on ARM with CShell or Composable shell with the ability to adapt to the foldable form-factor. You can read more about Andromeda here. Now both

Surface Phone when?? Huawei next to bring Foldable smartphone of its own

So, we talked about ZET Axon M stealing Surface Phone's thunder right under Microsoft's nose. But seems ZTE may not be the only company with a foldable smartphone on offer in 2018. Huawei has just revealed that they are already working on one. Richard Yu, CEO of Huawei's consumer business group

Microsoft working on “Reduced Bezel Display” for Mobile devices

A recent patent from Microsoft may give an insight into how it is planning to design its future Mobile devices. We have seen many smartphone makers coming with smartphones without bezels or minimum bezels. This design language is fondly known as Bezel-less design. Microsoft is also working to reduce bezels on

(KB4032188) Windows 10 Build 15063.501 may be coming soon. Changelog revealed

Windows 10

It seems Microsoft may be planning to release Windows 10 Build 15063.501 (KB4032188) as the next cumulative update for Creators update (Version 1703). Microsoft has listed this update on the Windows 10 update history page but if you click on it, you will hit a 404 page. Though we were able

Foldable Surface Mobile’s (Phone) tweaked design with LTE support patented by Microsoft

Surface Mobile (Phone) has been appearing in various leaks recently. We have earlier reported about the foldable form-factor appeared in many of Microsoft’s patents recently. We also reported about a prototype Surface Mobile appearing on Microsoft's official Azure Twitter handle. Now, a new Microsoft patent has slightly tweaked design for this