Microsoft has promised to focus on working to finalize Windows 10X for single-screen devices first. But while there is now word on making Windows 10X preview available for insiders, Microsoft has started to trickle down Windows 10X features to Windows 10 via Dev channel builds.

The latest Windows 10 dev channel Build 20185 has some code from Windows 10X that brings new Emoji Panel and Touch keyboard. While these new Windows 10X features are hidden enthusiasts found a way to unhide them.

Check the screenshots below from ALumia that shows the Windows 10X Emjoi panel and touchscreen keyboard on Build 20185.

If you want to do this trick on your PC running dev build 20185, here are the steps you need to follow. (Via Deskmodder)

  • Download and unpack Mach2
  • Start in the folder at the top of File -> PowerShell -> PowerShell (Administrator)
  • Enter ..exe enable 20438551 and press Enter
  • Now a reboot and it should be immediately visible.
  • PS: I also tried the ViVeTool at the same time. But Mach2 should activate the feature.
  • .vivetool.exe addconfig 20438551 2