Microsoft has today announced that it is planning to rollout integration of Microsoft To Do with Microsoft Teams in the month of August. With this integration a new tab “Tasks” will be available in Microsoft Teams.

Microsoft explains that since the To Do is already integrated with Planner the tasks assigned will show up in “assigned to you” list. Check the GIF image below that shows the “Tasks” tab in Microsoft Teams and how tasks appear in the list.

To Do is already integrated with Planner – tasks assigned to you in Planner boards show up in the “Assigned to you” list. To Do is also available in Microsoft Launcher and any task added via Cortana gets added to To Do. By Q121, we will support @mentions in Excel, Word, and PowerPoint, which means that whenever someone @mentions you, the tasks you’re mentioned in will automatically appear in your “Assigned to you” smart list. We’re also working on adding your reading lists from Edge as tasks. More integrations are on the way to make To Do the place for all your tasks.

Tasks in Teams.gif