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Microsoft and BrowserStack shake hands to offer Live Cloud Testing of Microsoft Edge, all for free


Microsoft has partnered with the leading mobile and web testing provider, BrowserStack to provide unlimited remote virtual testing on Microsoft Edge, all for free. This will empower developers on platforms other than Windows 10 like macOS, test their products or websites on chosen version of Microsoft Edge before delivering it to the clients.

This, until now, has only been possible by using a local virtual machine, or a PC with Windows 10 installed and there are many users that don’t have easy access to Microsoft Edge for testing purposes.

Live testing provides a remote, cloud-based instance of Microsoft Edge streamed over the web. You can interact with the cloud-based browser just as you would an installed browser, within your local browser on any platform – whether it’s macOS, Linux, or older versions of Windows.
As testing setups are becoming more automated, we are excited to also offer BrowserStack’s Automate testing service under this partnership, for free. This method of testing allows you to run up to 10 Microsoft Edge test sessions via script, which can integrate with your local test runners via the standardized WebDriver API. You can even configure your machine so that the cloud-based browser can see your local development environment—see the Local Testing instructions at BrowserStack to learn more.

BrowserStack currently serves more than 36,000 companies globally including Microsoft, AirBnB, and MasterCard. In addition to Microsoft Edge, the service provides more than 1100 combinations of operating systems and browsers and its Real Device Cloud allows anyone, anywhere to test their website on a physical Android or iOS device. With data centers located around the world, BrowserStack is trusted by over 1.6 million developers relying upon the service as it provides the fastest and most accurate testing on physical devices.

You can test Microsoft Edge on the Windows 10 Anniversary Update (EdgeHTML 14) starting today. EdgeHTML 15 will be available in the Windows 10 Creators Update.

Sign up today and get started testing your site in Microsoft Edge.


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