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Microsoft Office Insiders in Slow ring get new features on Mac OS


Microsoft has now silently released a new build of the Microsoft Office in the Office Insider program. The new build of Microsoft office is being rolled out to Insiders in Slow ring on the Mac OS.

Talking about the new features and updates in the Slow Ring of Office Insider on Mac OS, it brings some new features to Outlook, PowerPoint, and Excel on Mac OS. Speaking of the build details it comes with version 16.37 with build version 20050303 in the Mac OS Office Insider Slow Ring.


Data from the picture in Excel

We’re excited to show a new feature that allows you to turn images with table data into data you can edit in Excel. With the new Data from Picture feature in Excel for Mac, you can insert data from a screen clipping on your clipboard, an image file from your computer, or from your iPhone camera. There’s no need to type all the data. Excel can do it for you!

Click to Add Model in Excel

The Click to Add Mode feature was part of Excel 2011 but was not part of subsequent versions. Bringing it back was our #5 most requested suggestion on UserVoice, and had a significant amount of feedback in our centralized feedback system. We have heard you and once again made the feature available!


Dictate your emails

Don’t type with your keyboard. Use your voice to type faster and get more done. Simply speak your thoughts to quickly draft your message. Dictation is now available in Outlook for Mac. Try it out. Open a message, select Dictate in the Home tab, and speak your mind.

Set up Actionable Messages

Actionable Messages enable you to take quick actions within Outlook. Developers can now embed actions in their emails or notifications, elevating user engagement with their services, and increasing organizational productivity.

Office 365 provides two solutions to enhance productivity with Outlook Actionable Messages: actionable messages via email and actionable messages via Office 365 Connectors.


Search gets an upgrade

We have made it easier for you to search for things in your PowerPoint deck. Now, instead of seeing dialog boxes, your results will show in one place: the search box.

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