Microsoft owned Minecraft which was built by Mozang is now available on Nintendo Switch. With that Nintendo users join the list with Windows 10, Xbox One and mobile devices to enjoy Minecraft. The version on Nintendo is using Bedrock engine. Bedrock engine is basically a version of Minecraft whose codebase on Nintendo is similar to what we found in mobile, Windows 10 and Xbox One.

Those using Nintendo, Minecraft is already available on Nintendo eShop and in retail. Players who own Minecraft can download it for free from the eShop or follow the prompts in-game to download. Mind you that a Microsoft Account is a must in order to enjoy Minecraft on your Nintendo Switch. The requirement of a Microsoft Account is regardless of the platform preferences, even Windows 10 and Xbox One users need it.

We have seen Microsoft’s enthusiasm in making games available across the devices which includes almost all the major console player except Sony’s PlayStation. As the Ubisoft CEO said sometime back that future of gaming is anything but consoles. Microsoft CEO also has a similar opinion.