VS 2017 RC gets new templating engine, Redgate SQL Prompt Support with February Release

VS 2017
Microsoft has released a fresh new update for its newest Visual Studio family member, the Visual Studio 2017. VS 2017 contains many new and exciting features, IDE productivity enhancements to support Windows app development, cross-platform mobile development, Azure development, web and cloud development, and...

Windows 10 SDK Preview Build 15021 now available for download

Windows 10 Creators Update
Microsoft has now released yet another iteration of Windows 10 SDK for the Creators Update. Build 15021 of Windows 10 SDK is now available for developers to download and includes updates and additions to the Windows namespace namely APIs. This release is in conjunction...

Microsoft announces new Bot Framework features and updates

Bot Framework
Microsoft's Bot Framework enables you to build and connect intelligent bots for your business to interact with your users naturally wherever they are. You can serve the bot from your website or app to text/SMS, Skype, Slack, Facebook Messenger, Office 365 mail, Teams and...

Microsoft is ready to push ad campaigns across premium surfaces like MSN, Outlook and Skype

ad campaigns
Microsoft is releasing a major update for its "Promote Your App" ad campaigns. The "Promote Your App" ad campaign is a feature that allows you to create ad campaigns for apps submitted within DevCenter and eventually grow your audience and engage with them. Using "Promote...

Windows Store Analytics API to further simplify reporting with two new features

Windows Store Analytics
Microsoft has added two new features to its Windows Store Analytics API. The Windows Store Analytics solution helps developers to programmatically retrieve data for apps registered under their Windows Dev Center account. The API enables you to retrieve data for app and add-on (also known as...

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