Office Insiders

Microsoft has pushed a new office insider update for Windows Desktop. The update takes the version of office apps  Version1803 (Build 9126.xxxx).

In terms of changes, the latest update brings Translator in PowerPoint and Excel. Also, the latest build brings Speedy lookup & more. Check out the full changelog below.

Break the language barrier

Translate words, phrases, or the whole document to another language with Microsoft Translator. This feature is new in PowerPoint and Excel.

Translator button, and one word in English and its translation in French

Speedy lookup

We’ve turbo-charged your VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, and MATCH calculations so you can get answers faster. This feature is new in Excel.

Collaboration made easy

Need to bring together a group of people working on a project? Creating a group is easier than ever. We have modernized the creation process and made it clutter-free. Give it a try!. This feature is new in Outlook.


Inbox in the background and Create Group dialog box in the foreground

Keep your Visio diagram and Excel data in sync

When you edit a Data Visualizer diagram, you can update the linked Excel data with the latest diagram content, and keep everything in sync. This feature is new in Visio.

Data Visualizer audit template

Import content from Excel and create audit diagrams for financial transactions, inventory management, and more. This feature is new in Visio.

First page of the Audit diagram template wizard

Built-in database model diagrams

The new Database Model Diagram template accurately models your database as a Visio diagram. No add-in required. This feature is new in Visio.

More stencils for business diagrams

Using modern shapes, compare and contrast data with a Venn diagram, or draw Cycle, Matrix, or Pyramid diagrams to help tell your story. This feature is new in Visio.

List of available shapes in the left half of the image and the selected shape in the right half