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Photo Scan UWP App Updated For Windows 10 With New Features & Changes


Photo scan is one of the important app in day to day life, which lets you extract text from your photos. There are many scenarios where you will badly need this app.
Now today app received a major update in Windows store, bringing it to version With this update developer has mostly redesigned the app pages including settings app, Test to speech UI. Those who are new to this app, they can check out app features below.

App Features

• Extract Text easily from Photos or Images
• Camera Support
• Support for File Explorer Open With (PC)
• Your Recent Photos List
• Extract text in different languages
• Clean, fast and Beautiful User Interface with different Themes
• Support Text to Speech.

The latest update brings following changes to the app.

What’s new in latest version
• Re-designed Settings Page UI. Much Cleaner than before.
• Re-designed What’s New Box.
• Re-designed Text to Speech UI.
• Updated UI of Recent Photos and All Photos.
• Added Blur behind the Selected Picture (requires Anniversary Update).
• Some Bug Fixes.

The update has been live on store. The app is UWP and hence its available for range of Windows 10 devices. Head over to the following link to grab this app.

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