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Power BI Mobile apps are receiving April 2017 feature update

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Microsoft has released the April 2017 feature update to Power BI Mobile apps on Android, iOS as well Windows 10. The latest update doesn’t bring any major feature but aims at delivering a smoother and faster experience while maintaining the quality of the apps.

Background color for phone reports (All)

With this update, Microsoft has added support for different report background colors for phone reports on mobile. So, if you define a background color in Power BI Desktop, the phone layout will maintain the same color.

Right to left language support (iOS)

Power BI Mobile app for iOS now supports right-to-left languages, like in the case of Hebrew and Arabic writing system. If your data is in any of those languages, you will now be able to experience it in the correct direction.

Power BI Conversational BI with Q&A – Use voice to ask questions about your data (iOS)

*Please note this capability is supported on iOS devices using iOS 10.0 and above


Build your mobile-friendly custom visual (All)

Follow this guide to learn how to build your custom visual for mobile devices and map the desktop interaction to touch events, and how to render visuals nicely on small mobile devices.

Price: Free


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