WP-KantarKantar Worldpanel has released its report for 3 months ending March 2014, and the trend doesn’t look very encouraging in 5 European markets. Windows Phone saw a small sales share decline in Feb 2014 taking its sales share to 9.7% in EU5 markets. In March 2014, it has further declined to 8.1%. While, Kantar Worldpanel has attributed this decline to cheaper Android competition at low-end, there may be one more reason for this trend and seems some buyers may be holding for Lumia 630 and Lumia 930.

Australia market however shows a growth trend and the sales share has grown to 6.9% as compared to 5% in Feb 2014.

US market has the Windows Phone sales share unchanged from Feb 2014 at 5.3%, which sound good considering even iOS lost some share in face of Android competition.

Japan, a market where Windows Phone has no official presence also shows growth from 0.3% in Feb to 0.9% in March. Microsoft should be keen to tap this market.

Via: PhoneArena