SM-W750VAfter showing up at multiple places like Zauba, Samsung’s UA Profiles & BSIG etc, Samsung’s upcoming 1080p Windows Phone flagship now has appeared at GFXBench. The entry reveals expected Quad-core Snapdragon processor but only Adreno 305 GPU, which may be disappointing for many. Don’t get confused by that mention of 1280X720 resolution, as even Lumia 1520 is mentioned to have 1280X720 resolution display.


Also the Offscreen and Onscreen scores of the SM-W750V is close to Lumia 1520 scores and much higher than any other Windows Phone. Lumia 1520 screenshot is on top followed by SM-W750V screenshot. This may indicate similar processor on both the devices. But it is surprising, that Samsung has chosen Adreno 305 GPU with a Snapdragon 800 processor.

The device nicknamed Huron will have 5-inch display as earlier revealed in Zauba records and may have a Galaxy S like design.

GFXBench link