developer event 2016

In a recent interview, Microsoft’s CEO Satya Nadella has talked about new category of personal computing, new form-factors in testing at Microsoft. This is something we have heard from him earlier too. Satya has effectively said that Microsoft is looking beyond Mobile Phones, the currently dominant form-factor.

What we are excited about is this new category of personal computing. Today we think that the form factor used by us most is the mobile device. It’s the case today, so was the PC for a long time. The question is: What happens next? What are the new categories?

Citing Surface 2-in-1 devices, Surface Studio and Surface Hub as example of innovative new form-factors introduced by Microsoft, he says that new forms of computing is what they want to build for consumers.

So for me the new forms of computing is what we want to build for consumers. But it is important that, instead of thinking that each one of these works as an independent computer, we think they have to form a fabric of devices for you.

But he mentions Windows 10 as the common fabric to all these new and innovative form-factors.

So when we talk about Windows 10, it’s not about a device operating system anymore, it’s an operating system for all of your devices. That’s how we’re trying to not only tackle the innovative challenge of bringing new things to life, but also deal with the social complexity of a lot of devices in your life.

Source: Business Insider