Power Automate

Microsoft has released 11 new connectors to Power Automate which offer functionality across security, form management, and more.

Africa’s Talking Airtime

“Africa’s Talking Airtime empowers developers to distribute pinless airtime to mobile subscribers across Africa for various use-cases, such as incentivizing users and offering micro-payment solutions. With this connector, one can easily tap into our Airtime APIs to send airtime to multiple subscribers and/or to receive instant notifications on the delivery or failure of each transaction. This comes with the benefit of earned discounts for each transaction you make.” – Crispin Kipruto, Software Engineer, Africa’s Talking

Visit the Africa’s Talking Airtime documentation to learn more. 

Eigen Events

“The Eigen Events connector lets you trigger workflows based on Events from your Eigen Ingenuity Low Code Digitalization Platform for Oil & Gas Operations. Anything from user alerts or equipment condition to barrier health status can be leveraged by other Microsoft Power Automate features to create automated actions and workflows. Now you can use all the features in Power Automate to generate emails, add data to files, send information to other systems – the possibilities are endless!” – Murray Callander, CTO, Eigen

Visit the Eigen Events documentation to learn more.


“The Entersoft connector brings the power of Entersoft Business Suite into the ecosystem of Power Automate, Power Apps, and Azure Logic Apps. All Entersoft Business Suite exposed events can act as Triggers for automated flows to start, and all of the operations and services incorporated into the Entersoft Business Suite family products (ERP, Retail, WMS, MRP, CRM) are available as Actions to be used within Logic Apps and Power Automate along integrating with other connectors to provide full-scale automated flows on the Microsoft Power Apps platform. No matter where the back-end Entersoft Business Suite resides (on-cloud, on-premises or hybrid), the Entersoft connector leverages and extends the interoperability of the Entersoft Business Suite making easier to implement and orchestrate workflows to better address customer’s needs.” – Katia Papachristopoulou, Chief Marketing Officer, Entersoft SA Group

Visit the Entersoft documentation to learn more. 


“E-Sign facilitates secure document management and signature capture for businesses of all sizes. Create bespoke document workflows and realtime tracking, from document creation to signature capture. Send contracts straight from your document management system on a specific workflow and have complete control over your transactions.” – Adam Ross, Director of Operations, E-Sign

Visit the E-Sign documentation to learn more.

Formstack Forms

“Tired of manually entering data and files into your Microsoft products? With the Formstack Forms connector, you can digitize and automate the process. Formstack Forms is a no-code, drag-and-drop form and workflow builder that allows businesses to streamline data capture and eliminate time-consuming tasks by seamlessly passing form data and file uploads to your Microsoft products, including Dynamics, Excel Online, Teams, SharePoint, and OneDrive.” – Zak Pines, VP of Partnerships, Formstack

Visit the Formstack Forms documentation to learn more.


“The Impexium connector allows organizations to create automated workflows between the suite of Impexium apps as well as 3rd party services. By leveraging Impexium’s APIs, the Impexium connector extends solutions and supercharges productivity by automating workflows — without having to write a single line of code– to get notifications, synchronize files, collect data and more. Using simple clicks, business users can create and share a multitude of solutions involving several connectors at the same time.” – Patrick Dorsey, EVP Marketing, Impexium

Visit the Impexium documentation to learn more.


“Kendox InfoShare is a leading European Cloud Enterprise Content Management Solution (ECM) for managing digital documents and intelligent processes. InfoShare also brings certified legally compliant archiving directly into the Power Platform. The InfoShare connector offers functionality to create, manage and convert digital documents. Document-based business processes can be specified within InfoShare and edited simultaneously within Teams, Outlook and other Power Platform Apps. You can streamline content processes across a widespread application landscape, thus avoiding information silos. It’s possible to synchronize documents between different apps, enabling you to build your own user interface for InfoShare. Kendox InfoShare is available as Cloud Service operated in European Data Centers or on the Microsoft Azure Platform.” – Harald Thönig, M365 Solution Manager, Kendox AG

Visit the InfoShare documentation to learn more.


“Medallia’s integration for Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform allows sales and customer service teams to capture customer sentiment and feedback at key moments during a customer journey. Medallia combines voice of customer signals with an organization’s CRM data, providing users with actionable insights within Dynamics 365. With real-time customer insights, sales and services teams are able to preemptively identify issues, follow-up with customers to close the loop and strengthen relationships” – Saurin Shah, VP Product Management, Medallia 

Visit the Medallia documentation to learn more.

RiskIQ Digital Footprint

“RiskIQ Digital Footprint for Microsoft enables security teams to take control of their attack surface, reducing their risk and creating a better defense. The RiskIQ Digital Footprint connector will allow you to automate data from your continuously analyzed external asset inventory including asset metadata to solve common security challenges. Use this connector to build reports, trigger alerts or aid in the identification of vulnerabilities or exposures against your Internet-facing assets or supply-chain.” – Brandon Dixon, VP of Strategy, RiskIQ

Visit the RiskIQ Digitial Footprint documentation to learn more.

Tyntec 2FA

“With tyntec’s two-factor authentication (2FA), businesses can authenticate any user with a phone number by sending a one-time passcode via SMS or text-to-speech (voice call to phone numbers without SMS enablement). Powered by industry-leading number intelligence service, tyntec 2FA uses the fastest route no matter which carrier the user is currently subscribed to – perfect for high-value use cases such as user registration and transactions.” – Jean Shin, Directory of Strategy & Content, tyntec GmbH

Visit the tyntec 2FA documentation to learn more.

Xbridger Document Manager

“Xbridger Document Manager connector provides a set of actions that extend the functionalities of SharePoint and make complex administrative tasks in SharePoint simple. For example, leveraging Power Automate you can export a List’s or a Library’s metadata to PDF and send it as an attachment to stakeholders in a workflow without writing a single line of code. Of greater interest is the Convert Word to Modern Page action, with this action you can easily build Table of Content within a modern page by simply publishing a Word Document with the table of content on the page. This makes it easy for your users to jump to any section of an article within the page. This is something you cannot easily achieve within a modern page. “– James Adegboyega, Business Development Manager, Xbridger Solutions

Visit the Xbridger Document Manager documentation to learn more.