A Reddit user has posted screenshot of the 3dmark score of custom AMD processor that may power the Surface Laptop 3. Named, AMD Ryzen 5 Microsoft Surface (R) edition the processor has two variants: R5 3550u and R7 3750u.

The user has also posted configurations that he has most frequently seen.

Most configs I’ve seen :

  • R5 3550u + 8GB RAM + 256GB

  • R5 3550u + 16GB RAM + 512GB

  • R7 3750U + 32GB RAM + 256GB

  • R7 3750U + 32GB RAM + 1TB

An earlier rumor claimed so that an AMD processor named “Picasso” will power a variant of Surface Laptop 3. The Picasso processor was supposed to be a custom-made 12nm processor.

The latest rumors claimed to have seen entries in distributor databases for Surface Laptop 3 15-inch model with AMD processors. So, it now seems really powerful configurations with up to 32GB RAM will be on offer for Surface Laptop 3.

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