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Microsoft might introduce a new Start Menu with Windows Lite

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With Windows Lite, Microsoft wants to ease off things especially for the education market. It is expected to be a full-fledged Chrome OS competitor as per reports surfaced online a few days ago. Now a recent report suggests that Microsoft is planning to redo the much-appreciated Windows Start Menu for Windows Lite and also planning to bid goodbye to Live Tiles.

A well-known Microsoft Journalist Zac Bowden was able got an insight on the project and revealed that Microsoft is indeed planning to revisit the Start Menu and that might include breaking things up with the Live Tiles.

I’ve seen internal documentation from Microsoft that suggests people aren’t really opening the Start menu to look at or customize live tiles. Users prefer pinning everything to the taskbar.

This as per Zac is a legitimate concern for the existing versions of Windows since Microsoft is no longer adding new features to it.

We have earlier argued that Microsoft would take a fresh approach to make Windows Lite truly a lightweight computer, breaking ties with all the legacy components that exist on present-day Windows. But we did not foresee that the Redmond giant would go this far and pull out itself from developing Live Tiles for Windows Lite.

This, however, paves the way for what’s next after Live Tiles and while we don’t have any insight to that as of today, we are hopeful that the company will give us some sort of unique experience with whatever they are developing as being Unique has been a constant leitmotif of the CEO Satya Nadella ever since he took the helm.

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