Power Automate

Microsoft has announced the released of January 2021 update for the Power Automate Desktop. (Download and how to set up )

New features and updates have been added, as described below.

  • Variable value viewers are available in the flow designer

In the flow designer, you are now able to take a more detailed look and structured view of the variable values during (or after) flow execution.

Variable viewer dialog

This dialog comes up after double-clicking on the variable chip in the variables pane or right-clicking on it and selecting View.

Variables pane - View context option

The variable value viewer is adjusted to the format of the corresponding variable type it’s presenting.

  • Connection strings can now be built via Data Link Properties in SQL actions

Windows’ Data Link Properties dialog box is now incorporated in the ‘Open SQL connection’ and ‘Execute SQL statement’ actions, letting you configure connection strings to data sources via the standard Windows system interface.

Data Link Properties in SQL actions
  • Several performance improvements have taken place in Power Automate Desktop

Power Automate Desktop has been improved, in terms of resource optimization (CPU and Memory consumption) and smoother performance of the flow designer.

  • Internet Explorer automation does not require disabling Protected Mode

For web automation tasks using Internet Explorer, disabling Protected Mode in the security settings of IE’s options is no longer required.

IE Protected Mode