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WhatsApp now allows you to restore OneDrive backups with fresh set-up on Windows Phone


It was only yesterday, I had to reset my Windows Phone device (Insider build 15051) due to a weird bug that appeared to call my contacts on standby, without any notice. If you guess the situation right, this could drive anybody nuts and nobody wants their phone to make random phone calls for free fund embarassment.

So, I picked up the device and reset it right away. But, unfortunately, I forgot to take backup of some important chats on WhatsApp and the credit goes to the bug that I talk about earlier.

To my joy, it was only during the fresh set-up of WhatsApp that the app offered me restore my chats from the cloud. All was needed some taps and I got access to the same set of chats as it was before the phone reset.

Thankfully, in the past I had turned on the OneDrive backup option, and you could do that easily too by heading to settings>chats and calls>backup>OneDrive settings. Choose an option from the dropdown whatever suits you the best. (You can also backup videos you receive on WhatsApp). It syncs only the most recent backup and that is fine in most cases.

I mean, for me, that was very neat and could save you a from a lot of trouble especially when the conversations with loved ones which are very dear, and in no way you would want to lose them whatsoever. But, the advantages doesn’t end here and different users have of-course, different use cases and priorities.

Do let me know if you, readers, did find yourself in such a situation before and could you restore the messages, in the comments below.

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