Microsoft Edge Dev Tip

If you are using the new Microsoft Edge browser on your Windows 10 PC, then sometimes you might feel an urge to customise the background of the browser on startup with a new tab page open.

Now before we get started with how to set your own picture as the background, there is one little thing you need to know – this feature is currently in development and is only available for Insiders having the latest Dev or Canary builds of Microsoft Edge on their machine. (Become an insider, it is easy and does not cost anything!)

If you have not already downloaded the Dev or Canary build of Edge – you may give it a try and then follow the steps given below.

How to set a custom background image on Microsoft Edge

  • Open Microsoft Edge browser on your PC.
  • On a new tab page, find and click on the settings/gear icon (towards the right top corner).
  • Under Page Layout, click on Custom.
  • Choose “Your own image” under Background.
  • Click on Upload and browse to the picture you like from the dialog box.
  • That’s all there to it. Now you will see the newly set picture as the background for the browser whenever you navigate to a new tab.

Here is a gif to explain the steps visually.
Custom background on Microsoft Edge browser

To select a different picture, navigate to the same place and click on the small box (preview) near the remove button and choose to upload.

Sooner or later, this feature will make it to the stable builds of Microsoft Edge in the future.

Download the new Edge browser by clicking here.