Outlook for Android

Microsoft Outlook users on Android can now take advantage of brand new photo gallery when composing an email.

Version 4.1.105 is live in the Play Store and carries a brand new photo gallery experience that saves time by providing an immersive image browsing experience built right into the camera.

Users can also take a picture of a whiteboard or a document lying on the desk and send it right away.

How to attach photos to an email inside the Microsoft Outlook app on Android.

  1. Tap on the Camera button from the actions bar, after you begin composing an email.
  2. Once launched, you can simply tap images from the filmstrip gallery to import. Selected images will have numbers in the corners indicating order of selection.
  3. You can also enter the full screen gallery by tapping on the Photo icon on the bottom left of the camera screen. (Any previous selections will be retained).
  4. Once the selection is complete, tap the Next button. This should lead to the edit screen. You can swipe through images to edit different images.
  5. Once editing is completed, tapping the Next button will insert the images inline in the email.

Let us know in the comments below whether you like the new gallery view or not.

Microsoft Outlook
Microsoft Outlook