Microsoft has added couple of new features to the Windows 11 File explorer. One can drag and move Tabs between different File Explorer windows and can also drag a tab out of one window to open it in new File explorer window.

These features are interesting yet hidden by default in the latest preview build for Windows 11. Short videos posted on Twitter show the current implementation of these new features in Windows 11 File explorer.

Both features have slightly “buggy” implementation as expected for something in works. The individual tabs can be dragged out from a File explore window to open in a new File explorer window. But it is not possible to drag it back to the original windows so far.

The implementation of dragging and moving Tabs between different File Explorer windows is also not as smooth but still seems to be working.

Both these features can be enabled by using “vivetool /enable /id:39661369” for modifying registry. The features are hidden in the latest Windows 11 Dev channel preview Build 25290.

Microsoft may be preparing File explorer with major changes and usability improvements for Windows 11 version 23H2. The version 23H2 may be the year 2023 successor to the current Windows 11 release version 22H2.