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About WinCentral

WinCentral is a site dedicated to coverage of all Windows, Windows 10, Microsoft related News, Leaks, Rumors, Reviews, Tips / Tutorials, Apps & Deals. It covers all things Windows and Microsoft and brings latest news, reviews, tutorials, tips and provides Forum for discussion.

WinCentral is well-known for breaking exclusive Microsoft, Windows and Windows Mobile related news stories, which are re-reported and referenced by many publications.

We have been growing steadily since our inception and now receive traffic from a wide pool of global audience.

WinCentral Team

The WinCentral team is based out of India and is a group of Tech & Gadgets enthusiasts and journalists. Our team has a combined Tech authoring experience of more than 20 years.

Nisha Rai
Managing Editor
Nayan Mishra
Exec Editor
Shivam Singh
Senior Editor
Shafat Ahmad
Content Editor
Shreyas Jerjukar
Content Author







Roger Hendriks
Author & App Dev
Raj Patel
Content Author







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