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A look at all modular Windows 10X features, as Microsoft confirms it coming to...

Microsoft has recently confirmed that they are now releasing the modular Windows 10X, which was once known as Windows 10 Lite internally to single-screen devices first. This change of plans may be driven by...

Windows 10X: All new features, UI changes & Release date

Microsoft launched and positioned the Windows 10X operating system as the one made for powering only dual-screen PCs and other foldable devices. But later a major leak revealed many details about Windows 10X including...

Windows 10X has a new screen-share (casting) UI & an interesting new feature

As developers are porting Windows 10X Emulator image to real hardware like Macbook and Surface Go, new features and other interesting details are coming out. Well-known Microsoft enthusiast Gusatve posted about the new screen-share (casting)...


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