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Desktop App Converter for Windows 10 updated with new features


Microsoft has brought Desktop App Converter as part of its Project Centennial. Using this converter Developers will be able to convert their Desktop apps to Universal Windows Store apps and bring to Windows Store.

Now Microsoft has released a new update for Desktop App Converter which brings  many new features and improvements with the latest update.

Desktop App Converter Changelog:

What’s new

This section outlines changes between versions of the Desktop App Converter.


  • Restored support for Pro edition of Windows.
  • Converter -Setup flag now enables Windows Containers feature and handles base image expansion. Run the following from an elevated PowerShell prompt to do one time setup: PS C:\> .\DesktopAppConverter.ps1 -Setup -BaseImage BaseImage-12345.wim -Verbose
  • Added auto-detection of app install path and moving application root outside of VFS to reduce any unnecessary file system redirections at runtime.
  • Added auto-detection of the expanded base image as part of the conversion process.
  • Added auto-detection for file type associations and protocols.
  • Improved logic to detect Start Menu shortcut.
  • Improved file system filtering to retain app installed MUI files.
  • Updated the minimum supported desktop version (10.0.14342.0) for Project Centennial in the manifest

You can download the Converter by following the link.

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