Command Line

Microsoft is introducing a new for app developers developing for the Universal Windows Platform. With this feature, an app developer can call an app directly from a command line and pass the app arbitrary command-line arguments. This is available to Insiders starting with build 16226 on the Windows Insider program.

This feature builds on the App Execution Alias extension already available for Desktop Bridge apps. To use this feature in a UWA, there are two key additions to your app:

  • Add an appExecutionAlias extension to your app manifest.
  • Override OnActivated and handle the incoming arguments.

Developers can take advantage of the feature with common app testing scenarios like: Activating an app with a defined set of values for each test run – for example, to start on a particular page with boundary values set for key items – or to start a game at a particular level, with values set for player attributes, enemy count, damage levels, fuel and weaponry and so on.

Developers can also supply a filename on the command-line which the app can load if the data is too long or too complex for within an argument.

More information on how to add the functionality for your app can be found here