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Global ( US too ) HTC One for Windows variant passes certification at WiFi org


HTC One globalLook what has passed certification at WiFi Org lately! We reported about a Global and probably AT&T variant too, of HTC One for Windows sneaking into Adduplex database. The variant codenamed 0P6B180 has now passed WiFi certification and as can be seen in the above screenshot confirms its Windows Phone allegiance. For your info, the Verizon variant of HTC One for Windows is codenamed 0P6B21000 in WiFi certification.

This 0P6B180 was found to have 1080p resolution in Adduplex database and had been seen in US and Taiwan. AT&T has already confirmed that it will carry HTC One for Windows and it is rumored to come to more US carriers. It also seems coming rest of the world and that is certainly good news for Windows Phone fans.

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