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How To create Windows 10 ISO images from ESD & UUP files. Video tutorial


This tutorial aims to tell you how to create Bootable ISO images by decrypting & converting Windows 10 ESD and UUP files. For converting ESD and UUP to ISO you need to first download the .ESD file and then use a tool like ESD Decrypter to convert it to .ISO file. Once you have created ISO file you can use it to create Bootable USB or DVD (Check our tutorial).

You can use a ESD decrypter to decrypt and convert ESD and UUP files to ISO Images. Read instructions on how to do it below.

Instructions (Convert UUP to ISO using a Decrypter):

Check the video tutorial below.

Instructions (Convert ESD to ISO using a Decrypter):

  1. Download the Windows 10 ESD file
  2. Download ESD Decrypter 17.7 from here. In case this ESD Decrypter doesn’t work for latest builds like (Build 14905 and above) you can use a new decrypter. Download it from here.
  3. Extract esd-decrypter-wimlib-17.7z  or the new decrypter to a folder
  4. Put the .ESD file that you want to convert to .ISO into that same folder
  5. Right click decrypt file in the same folder and click Run as administrator
  6. Select option 1 or relevant option, Hit Enter

New decrypter image:

DISM+ ESD-ISO decrypter

Image Source


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