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Lumia 960 Windows Phone is back from the dead, a working prototype leaks in China


Back in 2017, we have done an exclusive coverage on the rumored Lumia 960. While the device never had the chance to introduce itself to the world, images of it never fail to surface online. On his Twitter handle, Hikari Calyx posted some of the images of the device. What really interesting about the leak is that for the first time ever we are seeing a Lumia 960 running Windows 10 mobile.

Even though it rocks Windows 10 mobile as we see in the screenshot above, the specs aren’t really confirmatory of what we have reported earlier as we can’t see anything about the specs. Otherwise, The Lumia 960 was rumored to have a cool Metallic Frame body design, Iris Scanner, Snapdragon 820 Processor, Windows 10 Mobile Redstone 1, 5.5-inch, 2K display (Though prototypes go through changes, so resolution may or may not change at later stage), 8 MP FFC,20 MP Rear camera, 4 GB RAM, 16 GB / 32 GB storage (The prototype has only 16 GB storage), USB C support.

By no means, this device is making a comeback as Microsoft is done mobile and now wants to create something unique that defines Microsoft in that category of devices, exactly like what the company has done with the Surface Pro line-up.

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