Many Windows 7 users recently started facing error 80248015 on their PCs. The issue originated because it seems that Microsoft forgot to renew a file “Windows\SoftwareDistribution\AuthCabs\” in a recent Windows 7 Update. This has set an expiry date of December 3, 2017. As per some users over Microsoft answers, the’s .XML has these entries.


So, since the expiry date has been set for December 3, from December 4, 2017, when you search for updates in Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2, it failed with error code 80248015.

Microsoft has now fixed this issue by releasing the correct CAB and user have started reporting that they received the CAB update. In case you have been facing this error and didn’t receive the new CAB pushed by Microsoft, you can try the below steps.

Workaround if the official fix doesn’t arrive normally:

  • Set Internet Explorer 11 as the default browser.
  • Enter this URL
  • Now it will install Windows Update Vista Web Control in IE 11
  • This should take you to the page, in IE, which lets you subscribe to Microsoft update once again

Once the CAB has been updated you should be able to check for updates normally once again.

Via: Microsoft Answers