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Microsoft’s Edge InPrivate mode not Private


We all love privacy especially when it comes to web surfing. There are specific websites we want to hide from everyone like banking websites, and deleting history is not that useful in these moments. So to make it more useful, Inprivate mode feature were added into the browser which doesn’t record your download history as well as browse history. Edge browser is the latest web browser from Microsoft for Windows 10 and comes pre installed with every Windows 10 devices, which has this InPrivate Mode feature too. But, recently researcher Ashish Singh detected a flaw in the InPrivate mode of Edge, he found that it was possible to see websites accessed while InPrivate mode was active by examining the WebCache file. Unfortunately, this means the feature isn’t as private as you’d like to believe. After closing the seemingly private instance, someone could access the Container_n table, which contains various data like visited websites, cookie details and more.

Microsoft edge inPrivate mode


Microsoft has already confirmed that they are looking into Singh’s report. Anyone with deep computer knowledge can easily know what you are browsing, So beware. For further information you can visit the source link.

Source:Forensic Focus

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