Lumia 929

Latest info from our trusted tipster brings bad news for those waiting for Lumia 929 release on December 20th. It seems Verizon has postponed Lumia 929 launch to 2014 now. The 5-inch Lumia Flagship for Verizon which is rumored to come as Nokia Icon may now see a release in January end to early February 2014. Though tipster says it may see a low-key release and may get announced before MWC. But the way Verizon is dragging its feet, I am not surprised it gets announced during MWC. Huh!!

One reason behind this delay is claimed to be Verizon wanting to strike a deal with Microsoft and not Nokia for device’s launch promotion and marketing. Nokia-Microsoft deal is supposed to take final shape in Q1 2014 and if sources have to be believed MWC may see the first glimpse of Lumia devices without “Nokia” branding.

There is so much uncertainty around with this being the transition period, so still suggest you to take this all with a pinch of salt.