Microsoft editor

Microsoft is preparing to release an improved version of Microsoft Editor in Word and Outlook for Windows Desktop in the future.

In case you are not aware, Microsoft Editor is basically a tool inside Word/Outlook that provides spelling, grammar, and other intelligent writing suggestions to users.

A Microsoft Editor menu in action!


Windows Word and Outlook clients running Beta Channel Version 2010 Build 13228.2000 or later. 


We are introducing:

  • A click-to-review suggestion model that allows you to see spelling, grammar, and other optional stylistic suggestions (like ways to make your writing for formal or concise, being more inclusive, etc) by clicking the flagged words. If you have used Editor in Word or Outlook on the web, you may already be familiar with this!
  • A simple and dedicated card to see the suggestions.

How it works

Check out the video below and note that you can now review Editor suggestions in a new card:

  • Using a simple click (instead of a right click).
  • Pressing ALT+DOWN on your keyboard.

Why did we make this change?

Our reason for updating the experience can be summarized in 3 words: strive for simplicity.

  • A clean and simplified card surface to minimize cognitive overload when reviewing suggestions.
  • A dedicated experience for intelligent suggestions.
  • A primary click-to-open invocation model.

Source: insider blog