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Outlook for Mac updated with various bug fixes and performance improvements. (Fast Ring Insiders)


Outlook for Mac has received a new update. The latest update version is 15.36 (170524). This update is only for Fast Ring Insiders. The latest update brings various bug fixes , performance improvements and known issues. Check out the full changelog below.

OutLook for Mac Changelog:

Top bug fixes and improvements:

  • Google accounts: Non-supported folder actions and Follow Up options are now hidden instead of appearing as disabled
  • Templates: New icon for saved templates (.emltpl extension)
  • After a delegate accepts a meeting invitation on behalf of a principal, the event will now show as Busy instead of Tentative
  • Preferences to automatically sign and encrypt outgoing messages are now respected when using Resend
  • Decrease and increase indent actions in the Format menu now work properly for numbered lists
  • Position of the separator between the calendar sidebar and the mini calendar is now maintained

Known issue:

  • Certificate for outlook.office365.com keeps prompting intermittently
    • This issue is being actively investigated; stayed tuned for updates
  • Users might experience crash on launch with logs stating the reason is “Key is missing or has been deleted”
    • Workaround to avoid crash is to go to Keychain Access, make “login” as the default keychain
      • After that, Outlook can be launched successfully, then you can switch the default keychain to back to your original settings


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