You may remember Project Astoria, Microsoft’s short-lived yet pragmatic approach to address the app gap on Windows 10 Mobile. The Android sub-system allowed running Android apps on Windows 10 Mobile locally after sideloading them.

Now, if a recent tweet from Zac Bowden has to be taken into account Microsoft may be toying with the idea of bringing this capability to Windows 10 next year. Yes, you heard it right. Microsoft is planning to make Windows 10 capable to run Android apps locally.

It also seems that Android apps will be available to install via Microsoft store. This addresses issues with how Project Astoria was handled (mishandled) by Microsoft and was killed even when it had shown a lots of promise.

If Android apps will be made available through Microsoft store, issues like compatibility and reliability will be taken care of. Also this kind of raises hope that Microsoft will be more serious about allowing this capability to exist and to be utilized by Windows 10 users in a long run.

This capability may be introduced to Windows 10 in 2021 claims the source of this report. It will be interesting to see when insiders would be able to test this.