SQL Server vNext

Microsoft has released a fresh new update for the SQL Server vNext on Windows as well as Linux.

The latest community technology preview (CTP) 1.3 includes improvements to SQL Server Database Engine and SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS).

On Linux, this update enables Full-text Search feature and Always On Availability Groups functionality for High Availability, among other improvements and fixes.

What’s New in SQL Server vNext CTP 1.3 (February 2017)

SQL Server Database Engine

  • Indirect checkpoint performance improvements.
  • Cluster-less Availability Groups support added.
  • Minimum Replica Commit Availability Groups setting added.
  • Availability Groups can now work across Windows-Linux to enable cross-OS migrations and testing.
  • Temporal Tables Retention Policy support added,
  • Online non-clustered columnstore index buill and rebuild support added
  • 5 new dynamic management views to return information about Linux process. For more information, see Linux Process Dynamic Management Views.
  • sys.dm_db_stats_histogram (Transact-SQL) is added for examining statistics.

SQL Server Analysis Services (SSAS) (CTP 1.3)

What’s new for SQL Server vNext on Linux

The CTP 1.3 release contains the following improvements and fixes:+