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Surface Mobile devices “Surface Peking & Surface Slavonia” with features leak in Official Video description in China


In what seems to be yet another accidental leak this time in China, Microsoft Bilibili account uploaded a test video, titled “1706 Engineering Equipment”. Not only the title but even the description reveals bits about what Microsoft may have been developing as its “ultimate mobile device”. And the description claims it to be the “Surface Mobile” devices “Surface peking and Surface Slavonia”.

Here is the translation of the video description,

Based on the Qualcomm®Snapdragon ™ mobile platform, the perfect balance of performance and power consumption, and the added power to increase productivity; the new “ONTO TABLE” projection Continuum function, which lasts more than an hour of desktop work; 185 degrees, providing a comfortable experience; equipped with exclusive Surface Pen, a key to call out OneNote, easy notes into. The new Surface peking and Surface Slavonia, not only a handheld terminal, it is a portable work platform.

So, it is not only a handheld device but it is claimed to be a portable work platform too. It is based on Snapdragon platform and so we can take it to be running Snapdragon 835, the first processor with support for Windows 10. Surface Mobile devices will come with “ONTO TABLE” Projection Continuum feature that lasts up to 1 hour of Desktop work. It will have a hinge with up to 185 degree angle support.

It will come equipped with the Surface pen that will be able to easily call OneNote for easy note taking experience. Then there are two codenames: Surface Peking and Surface Slavonia, which may be two variants of this Surface Mobile.

It is no surprise that Microsoft has been working on a new mobile form-factor targeted mainly at Enterprise. We have heard about a Phone in works at Microsoft that will not look like phones that we see around now. We also reported about a recent Hinged Device patent that shows a new form-factor that can work like a Smartphone and can convert to a Tablet too.

Via: ITHome

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