When Microsoft had Lumia 940 or rather 950 XL in works we had reported about Stylus support being one of the features Microsoft was toying with. This was in turn reported by other sites too via their sources. But for some reason Microsoft not only diluted Lumia 950 range design wise but also excluded features like Surface Pen support from the retail product.

Now Twitter account ProtoBetaTest has posted a video that shows a Lumia 950 XL prototype in action that has pen support.

The Pen support demoed in video doesn’t look like an ideal implementation because it was perhaps in infancy. The same tech was reportedly later used in Surface devices.

Not only Pen support but Microsoft toyed with ideas like 3D user interaction and multi-windows support only to discard them at prototype testing stage. What we finally got was a stripped down version of what could have been the highly innovative Lumia flagship.