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Samsung SM-W750V will be launched as Samsung ATIV SE.

evleaks has now revealed that the Samsung SM-W750V, which is also codenamed Huron, will be launched finally as Samsung ATIV SE. It will be Samsung's first 1080p display Windows Phone, and is supposed to...

Samsung’s first 1080p Windows Phone SM-W750V nicknamed Huron. Have Galaxy S like design.

We reported it first via entries on Zauba and handsetdetection. It was later caught on BSIG and revealed in its UA profile. Now evleaks reveals that Samsung's first 1080p windows phone SM-W750V is Verizon...

SM-W750V, Samsung’s 5-inch,1080p Windows Phone appears in Bluetooth certification.

A new Windows Phone from Samsung with 5-inch screen and high-end pricing was revealed earlier from Zauba records and handsetdectection.com. The device is codenamed SM-W750V and now it has appeared in Bluetooth certification and...

Microsoft releases 1080p Emulators for Windows Phone developers.

Microsoft has just informed on its developer blog that new emulator images for Windows Phone 8.0 Updates 2 and 3 are available now to download from the Microsoft Download Center. Noteworthy is availability of...

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