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Outlook for Android Finally Gets Add-In Apps Feature With Latest Update

As you know that few month back Outlook's so-called "add-ins" feature was first introduced in iOS. But with the latest update Outlook for Android has finally got add-in apps feature. Outlook add-ins are only supported...

Type Hands-free with Dictate, an add-in for Microsoft Office on Windows

If you ever dreamt of talking to your PC and have it write for you, efficiently while working in Office on Windows, then your wishes have just come true. Meet Dictate, an add-in for...

Zomato – Restaurant Finder Office Add-In Is Now available For Outlook Users

Today Zomato has released a new add-in for Office users. Add-in lets you quickly insert restaurant information into emails, or into calendar invites when scheduling appointments with your colleagues or making plans with friends....

Microsoft introduces Class Notebook add-in for OneNote

Microsoft released the customer preview of the Class Notebook add-in for OneNote, which is localized and is releasing in 43 languages today, across 61 worldwide markets, so teachers around the world can try this...

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