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October 6 Event page source code hints Lumia, Surface, Band launches & Windows announcement

Well it is not quite the definitive leak but it seems the source code of October 6 Event page has "Lumia, Surface, Band, Windows Phone" in the keywords. A strong hint of what may...

Surface Mini & other new Surface models expected on 20th May, claims report

A report from Bloomberg claims that it is not only Surface Mini that will be announced on 20th May, but Microsoft may have more Surface announcements up its sleeve. While Surface Mini is confirmed...

Surface Japan Twitter account teases some Surafce related hardware announcement on 2nd April

Surface Japan's Twitter account has teased a possible Surface related hardware announcement on 2nd April afternoon during BUILD 2014. It is hard to make out from the tweet as what exactly it is talking...

A new tip claims, no new Lumia device coming to MWC.

While we have a feeling that Lumia 630 / Lumia 635, 5.2 inch flagship RM-964, 8.2 inch Tablet RX-115 and Nokia Normandy may be unveiled at MWC 2014, a tip received by us claims that...

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