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Windows Developer Day

Microsoft details new Bluetooth features in Windows 10 Creators Update

Microsoft is redefining the category of Bluetooth APIs with the Windows 10 Creators Update. To accomplish this, Microsoft is working directly with Fitbit, Garmin and other device manufacturers and also would love to hear...

Two Samsung Windows 10 Tablets (?) revealed in Bluetooth & WiFi certifications

Samsung has been long rumored to launch a 12-inch Windows 10 Tablet with a possible 4K display. Now Bluetooth and WiFi certifications of a Samsung Mobile device with code SM-W700 may have revealed this Tablet...

Windows Phone 8.1 passes BSIG certification.

A listing made today on Bluetooth SIG reveals Windows Phone 8.1 passing the certification. As can be seen in the above screenshot, the description clearly mentions “Mobile Phone operating system” and the design and...

SM-W750V, Samsung’s 5-inch,1080p Windows Phone appears in Bluetooth certification.

A new Windows Phone from Samsung with 5-inch screen and high-end pricing was revealed earlier from Zauba records and handsetdectection.com. The device is codenamed SM-W750V and now it has appeared in Bluetooth certification and...

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